Solomon’s Ring

Some speculate that one of the secrets to the Knights Templar’s rapid success was not just the favor that the Catholic Church of Rome gave them, but rather the discovery of far more than secrets under Solomon’s Temple. Their ability to amass great wealth and create and project power some believe was more linked to some relic they discovered. Rumors have long speculated from the biblical story of King Solomon’s possession of a powerful ring given to him by God’s own Archangel as a tool to control evil and create good from harnessing evil among us on the earth. It was said that King Solomon’s ring could enslave demons and make them come under his control. His ring was fabled to have magical powers of healing, alchemy and mind control. It made the wearer of the ring conscious of everything and what is referred to as the wisest of all men. These powers gave Solomon his power to control the people and circumstances around him and his kingdom.

If the Knights Templar leader found this ring in their excavations then it would have given them the power to create enormous change. But then the question is what circumstances happened to allow their power to decline and their order to become vulnerable in those last days of 1307? What changed? This is the great mystery of the fall of the Knights Templar Order and their retreat into obscurity and seclusion as a truly secret order after 1307. Bernard de Clairvaux the Cistercian Abbott that met with Sir Hugh de Payens was clearly moved by the discovery and took action immediately to put the Knights Templar into a powerful favored status with the Church of Rome. This is the basis for the background of the story of the 9th Templar.


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