Knights Templar Tour Interest?

For some time now I have been debating on whether or not to put together a tour of the significant historical places that I find have a Templar history either direct or indirect to the past and possibly even present day Templar influences.  This would be a tour of Europe and the Holy Land for the most part.

While I did the research on the Knights Templars for my two fictional books, “The Theoretical History of the Knights Templar Post 1307” due out later this year and the fiction thriller adventure novel, “The 9th Templar,” I found so many interesting facts and legends woven into the fabric of the Templar lore.  It made me start to wonder if setting up a series of at least   planned tour circuit to explore these possibilities would be of interest to others?  I began to explore where I would start the tour and where we would end the tour.

I believe the Tour should start in Jerusalem because that is where the Templars were given their birthright by King Baldwin and later the Pope to commence their mission.  It would of course include the Battle of Hattin and the major citidals of Acre and other Templar strongholds in the region.  Next it would hop to Cyprus, where the Templars were gifted the island from King Richard and it was later their base of operations when they were driven from the holy land by the Saracens.  From here we would stop in Turkey to visit Constantinople and the ancient city where some believe the Templars acquired some of their additional secrets when the Crusaders sacked it during the 4th Crusade.

Next we go to Venice, the home of many of the Templar trading, commerce and shipping interests.  From here we travel to  Switzerland to see where some believe the Templars went to form their new community and then a country based on their own belief systems and things they held important such as secrecy and banking.  We will travel by train through Austria and the Swiss mountain passes to the oldest democracy on the earth, Switzerland. Many believe it was the Templar influence that created the idea for a mandatory army of everyone to be well-trained to defend against invaders.  This led to the defeat of the Austrian King Leopold in 1314 by peasants against his well-organized and heavily armed army of professional soldiers at the battle of Mortgarten.  We will visit Sion to see where many think much Templar influence may have settled.  Then onto Geneva to see the Templar influence on banking.

From here we travel to the South of France. Then on around to the Cathar region where the Templars had strongholds surrounding Chateau Rennes les Chateau the village of many mysteries. Then to Avignon where the French Pope sold out the Templars (Clement V).  We will depart France and cross the Pyrenees Mountains to Spain and Portugal to see where the Templars took refuge and reformed after the 1307 arrests.  This calls for visits around Segovia Spain, Almoural Castle, and other Templar castles and then on to Portugal to see Tomar and the bustling City of Lisbon.  From here we would head North again to France to the birthplace of many of the Templar founders.

We would visit several Templar strongholds and cathedrals near Paris, including Notre Dame, the original site of the Temple of Paris and the site of the burning of Jacques de Molay in Paris and then onto La Rochelle, where the Templar Fleet was said to have sailed from with the treasury, secret relics, and ancient mysteries.   From here we travel to Mont St. Michel the monastery that some believe the Templar fleet stopped and took refuge at while preparing for the remainder of their trips north to Scotland and the Baltic regions.   We will turn and cross to Champagne to see the region where Sir Hugh de Payens was from and the Count of Champagne, who it is believed financed the original expedition to the Holy Land under the guise of the first crusade to discover great secrets, knowledge and wealth, which he intended to use to build his power base.  But as we know the laws of unintended consequences could have played a major role in changing the course of the Count’s original plan for Sir Hugh and his men in his service.  From here we will travel to London to see the English influence at the Temple Church and other castles around the region known to be related to the Templars.  We travel north to Herefordshire to see the Royston Cave and onto Scotland to tour Edinburgh and Rosslyn Chapel and the original Rosslyn Castle ruins.  From here we jump over to Denmark and take a ferry out to Bornholm island, where the Templars had a major fortification in the Baltic to protect their northern interests and act as a secure staging area.   We return to Holland to discover the interests in Amsterdam that the Templars had on the concept of the stock market and concept of corporations.  From here we return to Paris for food and fun and a jet ride back to the States.

Now if this type of tour sounds of interest to you.  Then let me know and we will begin to include you in further communications about forming this tour and getting group costs at as deep of discounts as possible.  We will begin to plan and formulate ideas of other places we should visit as part of this tour.  If you have ideas please let me know.

I hope taking a historical tour like this is as exciting to you as it is to me.  It could be the trip of a lifetime.

Post if you are interested with your ideas and also send me a personal email of your interest in further information at


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  1. Kerry Thompson

    What about pre columbian Templar sites in America?

  2. Brother Don,

    I really like the idea of the trip, it’s a pitty i lack the funds and not being “healthy enough” to join. But you seem to be forgetting a couple of countries, like Belgium, where the first Templar House was in Ypres and a lot of Templar Castles and other proprities of importance. Allso, Bulgaria is a country that is worth a visit. Off course you can’t visit all templar sites of importance on such a trip but i just wanted to explain my point that not only France, England and Switzerland are countries of important templar activity after 1307…


    Michael Van Varenberg

    • Brother Michael;

      I would love to include many more places on the tour and in my historical discussion of Templar sites if you would be willing to assist me in first understanding where they might be and then educating me as to their Templar connections and importance. Creating this link between your knowledge and my desire to write about such places would be a fascinating collaboration. Would you be willing to provide me with such input and enlightenment?

      Deeply appreciate your comments.

      Kindest Regards,

      Don A. Holbrook, Chev, KTJ

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