Could You Be a Knight Today?

In this hectic world we live in how many of you have thought about the virtues and convictions of being a Knight?  It would mean looking at all situations from a different perspective.  A perspective of service to others, intolerance for injustice and standing against inequities even if the crowd doesn’t.  How many of you could make such a living conviction today I wonder?  How you handle adversity is the mark of your character.  Some place great verbal strength in their convictions but when challenged to live those conviction and stand for their stated values and live within their moral compass, they shirk their duties and hide in the shadows hoping others did not see them in the crowd.  This is not the mark of a true Knight.  Yet, I believe that we can and should live our lives with the conviction of being a Knight.  Someone others look to for strength and resolve and confidence that they will do what is right even at their own peril.  Most cannot live up to that standard when their valor and honor is put to the true test of unintended consequences and unforeseen problems that might cause them economic or social status harm.  It would be a far better place if we could find a few Knights and Dames that would lead us during these troublesome times.  Do the things required to fix some of the wrongs and short circuited decisions that have been made that have created an oppressive economic and socially stranded future for some many.  Knights are not about hand outs they are about empowering others to do for themselves and know that those that oppress us will be met on the field by those that will not tolerate such tyrants.  Today our social and government system has created an environment that has lawfully allowed our capabilities to be diminished and our voice to be squelched.  It is time for a few Knights and Dames to stand up for chivalric based values.  I am so tired of our moral compass being whatever is best for someone rather than giving them the advice to live by their decisions and stand for their convictions and commitments.  Knights were taught to be selfless in their stand against injustice and oppression to the point of their own peril and many times death in battle.  How many of us would take such stands today if our own lives lay in the balance?  I am not talking about being a soldier but rather standing for something that may isolate or make you unpopular.  I hope you will at least consider this topic and decide to take action and stand for chivalric values and get a moral backbone instead of going along with whatever is popular.

Veristas vos Liberabit (The Truth Shall Set You Free)

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  1. Robert Patterson

    Well said. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

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